Consulting A SEO Company For Maximum Traffic Generation

There are two major branches to the traffic dilemma that all websites face on the web today. You may not think about it at first, because it’s exciting to start any venture on the internet. Setting up your website and hoping for the best has its own exhilaration, but after a few weeks or even a few months you may find that traffic dissipates or never existed. The same can be said for long time popular sites that out of the blue, drop from traffic rankings and even search results. The two major branches of traffic degeneration involves fresh content, and SEO implementation.

seo companySearch engine optimization is often times referenced online and offline in the acronym SEO. A SEO company can take this one and create a lot of advertising opportunities in a non-traditional sense. You will not be paying them for banner ads, or anything like that. Instead, you will be pushing them to give you a fighting chance to generate traffic from something that everyone uses on a regular basis. The simplest way to understand this is to consider what happens when someone searches for something in particular online.

When web users look for things in a search engine, they utilize keyword phrases. After the query is sent, results are delivered and they click on the top 1, 2, or even 3 sites listed. Outside of that, there are sponsored links that get a lot of traffic to, but the interior top 3 get more traffic and costs nearly nothing for the website owner. It’s that type of placement that a SEO company can help you with, and can definitely improve your listings online.

Optimization strategies don’t always rely on just one thing, either. Many business owners are confused as to what exactly a company that focuses on optimization will do to help them. There are several steps to getting attention online, and the optimization part is a matter of working with code structures and backlinks, as well as social media, backlink generation, and so much more. There are several moving parts that a SEO company has to work within in order to implement proper attention to pages online. Without attention given to the different working parts, the whole process of SEO could diminish and be muted.

One thing to remember about all of this, is that’s it is part of a larger picture. It’s easy to rely solely on a SEO company to send traffic to your pages, and that’s not a good thing. Yes, they can provide with a great deal of service, and definitely improve rankings within search results, but without fluid content, and marketing this will dissipate in a short span of time. It’s important to utilize the work of a SEO company in conjunction with a number of other marketing strategies as well.

When all the pieces are in place for proper optimization, links have been created, and content is being produced on a regular basis, paid marketing can help generate even more traffic. The most common form of this is none other than CPC traffic. This is where a business owner will pay for traffic at a variable rate. Most often, the rates can start at 1 cent per click, which can definitely rise depending on keywords being competed for and what company is being used to deliver the advertisements.

Internet marketing online is a difficult matter, and it is not recommended for any novice to jump into the fray of things. It’s far better to allow a good company to take on the responsibility of all of this, as they could introduce a number of amazing pieces to the puzzle of traffic, optimization, and sales.

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Bad SEO Practices to Avoid

Search Engine Optimization is a great internet marketing strategy, the purpose of which is to attract more visitors or hits on your web site or page. White-hat SEO or ethical SEO strictly adheres to search engine policies, practices and procedures. Unfortunately not everyone sticks to what is allowed. Some veer towards wrong practices and techniques also known as black-hat SEO. They may be beneficial at first, but in the long run they are actually hurting your site more than helping it. Here’s a list of SEO practices you should avoid or that you should stop doing.

Bad SEO PracticesProcrastination or the act of postponing something for a later time is the first thing that one should avoid. Search engine optimization is something that should be done as soon as a web page is set up. First impressions last and they last longer than you expected. You want your potential clients to go and find something worthy on your page and stay engaged rather than get out the soonest possible time. So first thing on your do not do list: procrastinating.

The second thing you should avoid doing or you should stop doing is to duplicate your contents. Content duplication occurs when a large portion or blocks of articles appear on more than one web page. It could be that you wrote one article a couple of years back, rehashed it a bit then reposted it back on the same web site. It could also happen when you post something on your site and shared the same content to another site. When this happens, search engine crawlers or spiders might focus solely on the duplicated files and ignore the rest of your content. Some search engines even ignore, devalue or remove your page or parts of your pages from their search engines. This is one thing you don’t want to happen to your page.

Content duplicationStay away from SEO firms that promise you the moon, the sun and the stars. Do your research well before choosing a firm to represent you. A firm that promises you to be on top of each search engine results page is lying. Do a background check of the company you will deal with and check for references. It will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

Another method to avoid is the practice called cloaking. Cloaking is the act of making two types of contents: one for the search engines and one for the visitors. When we use keywords, titles or headers that are different from the content, you are actually cloaking. This is both unethical and annoying. A similar practice is called Doorway pages. A specific HTML page is created to attract spiders and crawlers and once you click the link and be considered a visit, you are immediately redirected to the right content. You might end up being banned from search engines.

Keyword stuffingLast on the list of things to avoid is Keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the act of putting a particular word over and over in an article or description to manipulate the page’s ranking on search engines. Stuffing occurs in two ways: by using hidden keywords or by placing keywords on an article to the extent that it no longer sounds realistic. One hides keywords by using the same color text as the background of the page (white text on a white background). This is invisible to the naked eye, but the search robots can detect this.  One can also hide texts by putting it under images, taking it out of view of page visitors. One can also do keyword stuffing by using the keyword excessively in a sentence. Let us say your keyword is strawberry. An overstuffed statement looks like this: “Strawberry addicts or those who love and crave strawberries or any form of strawberry products from strawberry ice cream, to strawberry shakes and strawberry shortcakes can go ahead and visit out strawberry farm to have a taste of this berry absolutely free”. If you noticed strawberry was mentioned six times in one sentence alone. Keyword stuffing is a total waste of time, unethical, and at the same time can become a basis for removal of your page online.