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by Kris on May 31, 2010 · 1 comment

Monday, Monday…. it’s here again!

I was going to say I was jealous of all you Americans who get the day off… and why shouldn’t I get the day off if I am American? Then I realized I got last week’s Monday off. Doh.

Anywho, yesterday was my first day doing my Wedding Slimdown challenge. So far, so good!

I ate five meals yesterday, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a morning and afternoon snack. This worked out perfectly, because I had my lunch a bit later than I do during the week, and my afternoon snack also served as post-workout fuel. I walked for over an hour- and burned over 400 calories! In all honesty, I never thought walking was as efficient as running. But I am learning as long as I put the time and effort into it, it can be!

You can check out Day 1′s progress here.

This morning, Susan‘s blog reminded me… I have only checked in on my goals once since I posted them at the beginning of May! This month has flown by, truly. I can’t believe tomorrow is JUNE! Less than two months until my birthday :D

I know have fallen short on many of my goals, especially the running goals, but worked hard on the rest.

Let’s see how my goals measured up…

1. Run at least 20 times… that is 5x a week! This one, as you may have guessed, has fallen by the wayside, although not by choice. My hip is still injured, and although I am getting better, I still can not run. I made it to 13 runs by the 18th, and finished the rest of the month off with long walks and yoga, which I am starting to really enjoy.
2. Keep my apartment clean after my spring cleaning. I did pretty well with this one! My desk is a mess, as always… but the rest of the apartment sparkles! ;)
3. Write more for pleasure && be more creative with my blog! I think I have brought some creativity to the blog, by mixing it up with recipes, behind the food posts, a real foods post and a few “thoughts” posts.
4. Save $200- I kind of failed on this one… but I did save $130, so not all was lost.
5. Focus on making my transition to eating vegetarian/pescetarian as natural and unprocessed as possible- This one was good and bad. Some days I would eat tons of all natural, unprocessed foods… and other days it was a frozen vegan burrito for lunch and a veggie burger for dinner. Working on it!
6. Keep up my early riser challenge! Well… not so much.

A word on my early riser challenge-

Lately, I haven’t been waking up earlier than 7. Why? Well, I’ve needed the sleep ! Getting up SO early in the morning really took a toll on my body- becuase I wasn’t going to bed early as I had planned. Two or more nights a week, Nick sails until 10 or 11pm, leaving no time to see him if I don’t stay up… so I would stay up, then wake up at 5 or 6 the next morning, feeling exhausted. Other days I just wanted to watch TV or read. I can’t be an early riser if I don’t go to bed earlier. So for now, I’m sticking with the 6-or-7 a.m. wake up call. It’s earlier than I have to be up, with  school not starting until 1pm, so I still get a lot done. It’s all about figuring out what works, right?

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my June Goals!



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Susan May 31, 2010 at 10:20 pm

Dude, I walked for 30 minutes last week and burned 200 calories. Not shabby at all!! Mind you, I was speed walking, but it’s a totally underrated form of activity.

I think you did fantastic on your goals! Any you’re right, waking up earlier is only better when you’re going to bed earlier as well. For some reason people think getting up early will give them extra time in the day – they forget they then lose that time at night!

Can’t wait to hear those June goals!

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