More than the Money: Understanding the Value of Custom Challenge Coins

Most people believe that military men holding on to their custom challenge coins are only after their monetary value. These coins are only distributed to their troops or units as a way of showing that they are part of the team. Due to their exclusivity, people think that they keep these coins to increase their monetary value and sell them for profit in the future.

Although this concept is probably in the mind of several army men, civilians must understand that coins’ value is beyond their prices.

More than monetary value

Countless military men are not only keeping their coins for increasing their value. They consider these coins as memorabilia of the time spent in the military whether they are still active or retired officials. Coins will constantly remind them of the hardships they faced training and being on alert while on their posts. Seeing these coins will remind them on their patriotism and value their bonds with their families while they are on leave from their posts. Many retired individuals value their life more after their service with custom challenge coins displayed in their homes.

Promoting tighter bond to members

Military men only have each other during their active service on field. For them, they are their families away from home, which help them develop strong bond and feel the brotherhood despite being unrelated. More than just feeling the formed bond, people in the army also consider giving coins to their troop members as a sign that they will always be there for them. They will always have their backs whether they are off-duty or on-duty. Troop members remain brothers and close friends even if they are off their duties.

custom challenge coinsDuring their rest period, many of these troop members meet each other for a gathering, in which coin challenging has been a common tradition amongst themselves. When challenged, military men will bring out their custom challenge coins and see their bond in action. Due to various circumstances, some people may not have their coins with them or unable to present them as challenged. To make up for the it, people who don’t have their coins will have to take a friendly punishment like treating others with rounds of drinks, which will make the event more memorable and fun.

Sign of recognizing services

Civilians understand that what military men experienced while on their posts is no laughing matter. They can’t imagine how much suffering they experience from missing their families while putting their life on the line in case problems in between borders may ignite. This makes them worried all the time and question if they are receiving the recognition they deserve.

Officials in the army distribute custom challenge coins as rewards for their military men. They want their members to know that they understand the difficult position they are in and that their efforts won’t be put into waste. Coins serving as medals may be rewarded to every troop member while other members who displayed exceptional services also deserve special coins. Knowing that their officials recognize their efforts will put their mind at ease. This assurance is important for every troop men because most of them have resolved to being unable to come back whenever they are deployed to their turfs.

The value of custom challenge coins goes beyond its financial counterpart. Military men hold on to these prized items as their medals that highlight their bond with other troop members while taking pride on their accomplishments. With its importance, authorities make sure they distribute the best coins designed and produced by reliable distributors with lasting quality. Military men will be proud of their accomplishments as well as their coins’ appearance as they put them on display.