What to Do with a Bunch of Lanyards?

Every year, a person gets to possess at least a couple of ID laces from school, office, countless seminars attended, and various sports activities joined. They end up cluttering the desks or the room. Throwing them is not an option nowadays as people are encouraged to recycle and reuse materials. With lanyards accumulating every time, how can a person get rid of them CREATIVELY?

Do you have a penchant for scrapbooking?

If so, then get those lanyards laying around your room now and get ready to pour out your creative juices. Old ID laces, long or short, can be useful materials for scrapbooking. Plain nylon straps can easily be decorated with gems, beads, and cut-outs and turn them into nice bookmarks A cute miniature item, like a small Eiffel Tower or your favorite cartoon character, can be attached at the end. They can also be used as a lining to the cover of the scrapbook to make it the front cover more durable and protected from folds. Since scrapbooking offers endless opportunities for designs and crafts, these laces and straps can also be turned to small photo pockets.

Do you like making personalized accessories?

LanyardsIf yes, then you are in luck! Your nylon straps are also becoming more and more popular in the field of accessory making. Many teens nowadays are appreciating accessory-making, from bracelets to necklaces. Special knots and braid patterns can be performed using these straps. You can easily find video tutorials on the web on how to make braided straps. Moreover, you can further accessorize your bracelets or necklaces with some old charms from your broken jewelry. These cords can also be turned into fashionable bag accessories or straps. Not only will they give your bags and extra ‘wow’ factor, you can also be reassured that straps are durable and will not easily break.

Do you have pets at home?

It is not a bad idea to give your pets something that you have created yourself. With your unused cords, you can come up with a leash that is not only personalized, but also guaranteed durable. For your pet cats or beds, a necklace with a bell can be lovely present for them. These straps can also be used to secure the favorite toys of your pets.

Do you like to go boating or camping?

For people who like to camping and boating, those old lanyards can come in handy. Securing small items such as compass and signaling whistles is not a breeze with the use of these straps. There is no need to worry about misplacing your pocketknife either. By attaching it to your pocket or bag using a short nylon cord, you can be assured that it will stay secure.  Can openers, tiny flashlights, and even a handheld radio can be easily transported using these straps.

Do you constantly lose your keys?

This is the answer to one lingering issue of people with poor memory. By using the old ID laces as key leash, you do not need to worry about misplacing your door or car keys again. You can constantly keep them with you by wearing them around your neck just like your regular ID. Your old ID lace can also be used in hanging important yet small items which are constantly missing at home. Nail clippers, remote controls, or even small gadgets such as music players, can all be secure with a little lift from these straps.

Lanyards need not be part of the clutter at home. By thinking of ways on how you can maximize their uses, you can quickly get rid of them functionally and creatively.

Badge holders are one of the most useful inventions today, but people tend to forget how incredibly useful they are and how easy they make daily life.